CrossFit Community

Firstly, we have been really quiet (too quiet) on the blog front. It is such a strange time and we are aware that every piece of communication we put out is a representation of us; we want it to be mindful, authentic but most of all for it to add value. Way back, before the […]


This blog is part of our ‘What is CrossFit’ series originally posted on the 20th February 2020. Nutrition actually featured further down the original list of topics we were going to cover however given that the majority of us are now at home and the temptation to form close relationships with our food cupboards is […]

The Winning Mindset – Part 2

With such a huge topic and amazing feedback from our members we had to split this into 2 parts. Ensure you read part 1 which was published on the 17th of March 2020. You might notice that this was actually written pre COVID-19 but when deciding on whether to publish or not we felt it […]

The Winning Mindset – Part 1

Our February 2020 Blog spoke about What Is CrossFit and more importantly what can you expect as a member of CrossFit Fife. We shared all the different aspects and mentioned a little about each one i.e. mindset, movement, mobility, sleep etc. Now let’s start to explore each of these subjects starting with: MINDSET PART 1 […]

So, what is CrossFit?

It’s a lifestyle, a community, an effective way to get fit and healthy. We love the opportunity to talk about CrossFit and the CrossFit lifestyle. Below is a short overview and then over the coming weeks and months we will share more in depth blogs about each wellness section and why CrossFit Fife. When someone […]

The Gift of Fitness

For the first time EVER CrossFit Fife is allowing you to join two classes without signing up for a months membership. For just £15 you can take advantage of this brilliant deal. If you are certain that you do want to join then maybe you can choose our first ever discounted membership! You may even […]

Clans Assemble

The weekend of 17th and 18th August 2019 is one that we are going to be talking about for a while at CrossFit Fife. It was the first ever Clash of the Clans competition – a team fitness competition inspired by the Highland games, combining regular CrossFit style movements and Highland games / Strongman movements. […]

Friendships Not Memberships

Yesterday saw the return of our annual Team WOD (Workout of the Day) followed by our BBQ. This is the most important day of the year at CrossFit Fife as it is our opportunity to really celebrate everything that we love and say ‘thank you’ to our amazing members. In true Scottish style it rained […]

Our Brand New Blog

Welcome to our brand new blog! We are delighted to have this up and running and we will be using the blog to bring you all the latest info from CrossFit Fife, general health, fitness and wellness information and also to celebrate our amazing members achievements. We’d love to know your thoughts on what you’d […]