Friendships Not Memberships

Yesterday saw the return of our annual Team WOD (Workout of the Day) followed by our BBQ. This is the most important day of the year at CrossFit Fife as it is our opportunity to really celebrate everything that we love and say ‘thank you’ to our amazing members.

In true Scottish style it rained (biblical style) for most of the day but hey, we did not let that stop us!

The Team WOD

This is a three hour extravaganza which sees teams working their way through a number of WODs. Normally there is a class size limit but on this day we open the class up to everyone that wants to attend. We love this as it means people who normally attend our 6.00am class get to meet and train with members who attend the 6.30pm classes who they may never have met before. Of course it gets a little bit competitive and there is an overall team winner but mainly it’s just great fun!

We definitely had some feedback that the legs and glutes had been well worked!

The After Party

You will often hear us talk about CrossFit Community and how it is unique and what helps to set us apart from other gyms, the community really is at the heart of everything we do at CrossFit Fife.  

The BBQ gives us the opportunity to give back and it’s always nice to get the chance to have a burger and beer together. It’s a family affair and we love to see partners and kids joining in on the fun.

There’s talk of an ‘after, after party’ but we know nothing about that!

We are extremely proud to have celebrated our 11th year as CrossFit Fife, making us one of the first CrossFit gyms in the UK and this is a tradition that will continue for as long as we do. Can’t wait until next year!

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