The Winning Mindset – Part 1

Our February 2020 Blog spoke about What Is CrossFit and more importantly what can you expect as a member of CrossFit Fife. We shared all the different aspects and mentioned a little about each one i.e. mindset, movement, mobility, sleep etc. Now let’s start to explore each of these subjects starting with:


There is so much that we could cover when it comes to the mindset of an athlete, or even the mindset of a human. When most people walk through the doors of CrossFit Fife for the first time, they are not an athlete. The need to commit to the training, the programme, the growth and the coaching that is being given to them.

I am sure you are all aware how important physical exercise is for the body and the mind – we hear about it all the time and so this blog post is not to tell you what you already know i.e. exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. This blog post is to share stories of how our members use their mindset within CrossFit Fife and we have had to separate the blog into 2 parts because the response was so brilliant and extensive.

Many motivational speakers and our CrossFit motivators like Sara Sigmundsdottir or Ben Bergeron talk about the importance of being happy with what you are doing and celebrating your success. As a society we are quick to criticise ourselves and that mindset will never propel us in CrossFit, never mind in life. Working on being happy NOW, celebrating NOW and being grateful NOW by turning bad situations around or turning failures into lessons is what is required.

In our February 2020 blog we mentioned that the key to sticking with a workout program may be strengthening the muscle between your ears. Again, this can be related to everything in life! When the going gets tough, how do you create happiness again and keep going? Here is some feedback from the CrossFit Fife Community:

Music – Claire says “when you are about to give up and a decent bad ass track comes on you can find some fire to finish up strong.” Cass, Craig, Karen and Alison totally agree that the music is really important. I think we all have that one song that just makes us get up and take action! If you don’t have that one song, could you make the time to find that one song? We would love for you to share your songs – what song gives you that motivation to keep going? Not just in the gym, but in life???

One step at a time and enjoy the journey – Too often we focus so much on the outcome we aren’t being grateful for the here and now and\or focusing on the here and now. As Michael puts it “what can I do right NOW that at the end I’ll look back and be happy with how it went.” Or in Susan’s words “Just focus on the next rep, don’t focus too much on how long is left…………. and never look at the clock.” She finishes by saying “I also like thinking about food” – you can imagine how the community laughed at this one, especially when she is the baker of the community – bringing us in cakes! (We cover nutrition in a later section, for now let us enjoy the cake!). However, Susan actually has a valid point here:

Reward yourself – as mentioned above, learn to celebrate. Celebrate that you have the ability to take part in the class, that you made it to class and that you contributed to making that class the class it was that day. Now if you have performed PBs and totally smashed it then obviously you are going to celebrate that. Have a way of rewarding yourself – eating cake, having a massage, going out for dinner, buying something new. What would your reward to yourself be?

Next week we will share more tips from our awesome community on mindset within CrossFit Fife. For now, please share below the tunes that make you want to MOVE…or have some meaning to you.

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