The Gift of Fitness

For the first time EVER CrossFit Fife is allowing you to join two classes without signing up for a months membership. For just £15 you can take advantage of this brilliant deal. If you are certain that you do want to join then maybe you can choose our first ever discounted membership!

You may even take this as an opportunity to gift this to a loved one, friend, family member etc. and the best way to do this would be with our NEW CrossFit Fife Gift Vouchers. They have arrived in the gym and we LOVE them.

Our vouchers are absolutely perfect if you know someone that has been wanting to get fit but isn’t sure where to start. You may even be a CrossFitter desperate to get a friend or family member involved. They are going to be around long term but we think they make a brilliant Christmas present – what could be better than the Gift of Fitness? It is also a really exciting time at the gym as we are currently expanding the gym to make it bigger and better than ever.

We have three options to choose from so able to cater to all budgets. Here’s all the info:

Option 1 – £15

This gives access to two specially designed classes which will be suitable for beginners but also challenging enough for existing CrossFitters. One of the things that makes CrossFit so ace is the amazing community and we felt it was really important for everyone to experience that. All of the Saturday 10am classes in January will be suitable for beginners.

Option 2 – £65

This gives access to a 90 minute induction session and then a month of unlimited use of the gym. This is a great if you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t got round to it – why not ask a loved one to gift you this for Christmas?

Option 3 – £180

This is a beauty! FREE induction and discounted 3 month membership. This offer is open to existing and new members and it’s the first time ever that we have offered a discounted membership. An amazing gift if you are looking to take your fitness seriously in 2020.

If you need any more information or would like to order a voucher get in touch by email to or ask one of our coaches the next time you are in.

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