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Firstly, we have been really quiet (too quiet) on the blog front. It is such a strange time and we are aware that every piece of communication we put out is a representation of us; we want it to be mindful, authentic but most of all for it to add value. Way back, before the world turned upside down we had a list of elements that we felt attributed to true wellness and to creating a healthy lifestyle or – Fitness for Life!  We want to discuss those elements in more detail and have covered a few of them previously but this blog is going to discuss one of the truly unique elements of CrossFit and of course that is – Community.

So how do you put into words exactly what CrossFit community is? Much of it is just the feeling ‘the vibe’ you get when you walk through the doors of the box or how much you look forward to your class. To some it seems like a cult with its very own language and filled with people obsessive about, well CrossFit. We always say that we are ‘more than a gym’ and this is the element that makes that so very true.

CrossFit is about competing against yourself and becoming fitter and stronger with each session however we also never leave anyone standing and we always encourage and cheer on those still finishing their workout. Take a minute and imagine that happening in a regular gym! Of course there are gyms that run classes which involve a bit more interaction but it’s still not the same. CrossFitters truly develop a bond.

Perhaps the explanation lies in the shared experiences element of bonding. Regardless if you are just starting out in your fitness journey or have trained consistently for years, when you join a CrossFit gym you are going to be learning something new and challenging yourself. There are complex movements to learn and of course the gymnastics element of CrossFit, so maybe the community is built on the bonding of the learning new and unique experiences? And the bonding over which leggings are squat safe and Nano’s of course!

What we know for sure is that the community that we have at CFF is phenomenal and we have seen first-hand how they pull together when the going gets tough but also cheer together when the going is good!

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