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If you are not already an experienced CrossFitter then you will have to take part in our induction process. The induction process is the very start of learning how to accomplish the basic movements of CrossFit, learning how to use the equipment safely and effectively and to also assess where your fitness levels are at. Please allow 2 hours for your induction as it’s important that this process is not rushed and that you feel confident with the movements and information shared.


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There are a few different membership options available for you to choose from, if you’re unsure then we are happy to help. If you're new to CrossFit you will need to have an induction, and then we recommend the Unlimited Membership. This gives you the opportunity to train at any of our coaches classes throughout the week as often as you wish. Your membership can be purchased and controlled by you through our team up system and once you have completed your induction the coach will show you how this is done.


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What Client’s Say About Crossfit Fife

Alan Morrison

Alan Morrison / Dunfermline

Great workout routines with staff who genuinely care that your experience and techniques are of the highest quality. Friendly with not a mirror in sight it's for all ages and all fitness levels. Try a bunch of classes and see how you go- easily booked on line when you get registered with a very comprehensive induction session.

Marianna McFaul

Marianna McFaul / Belfast

What an awesome place to train!! Great instructor.... friendly bunch of guys....I will definitely be back.

Team Crossfit Fife

Raymond McAloon

Raymond McAloon

Coach & Crossfit Owner
Brenda Dougan

Brenda Dougan

Coach & Crossfit Owner
Susie Mollison

Susie Mollison

Crossfit Owner

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